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Huntsville Square is adding a new phase of mixed-use development on a portion of the old Valley Elementary School site in downtown. The new phase is planned to include the Compass Rose Lodge, First Lift Coffee Shop, the Huntsville Astronomic and Lunar Observatory (HALO), event spaces, and restaurants. While honoring the community's small town feel and architectural heritage, the new amenities will benefit Huntsville by offering community gathering space, lodging, learning opportunities, and add economic vitality through additional tax base.  Most of the property will remain open as beautifully landscaped common area adorned with grass, trees, walkways, benches and more.

Compass Rose Lodge, anchor of the project will offer 15 beautifully-appointed rooms for nightly rental. The Lodge will offer inviting indoor and outdoor common areas, with available event spaces -- the perfect venue for business retreats and meetings. Huntsville Square could not be positioned in a better area to enjoy each season to the fullest with a wide array of activities from spring skiing to summer paddle boarding. After a long day of activities guests can return to Huntsville Square for some of the best food options in Ogden Valley.

The Huntsville Astronomic and Lunar Observatory (HALO) will be one of the only amenities of its kind in an easily-accessible downtown setting. HALO's initial catadioptric telescope was generously donated by Dr. John Sohl a physicist with Weber State University. The telescope was even used by world-renowned physicist Dr. Stephen Hawking during a trip of his to WSU. Lodge guests and the community visitors will be able to view our neighboring celestial bodies with great detail such as the rings of Saturn or Jupiter's Galilean Moons. Views of spectacular deep sky objects including galaxies, nebulae, and globular clusters await those wishing to peer farther into the heavens. 

First Lift Coffee will serve early birds en route to the mountain seeking the first lift of each ski day, as well as those who enjoy sleeping in, and curling up in a comfortable setting with a warm cup of joe. The coffee shop will offer a complete selection of specialty beverages, along with breakfast and baked items.

In addition, shops in the project may include businesses such as a small café, bakery, brick oven pizza restaurant, ice cream parlor, salon, and gift shop. The project is designed to help preserve and enhance Huntsville’s traditional downtown center by providing a gathering place for the community; offer desired services and amenities closer to home; create part-time job opportunities for Huntsville’s youth; and enhance Huntsville’s vitality. The project will beautify the property and enhance the community's tax base.


Numerous studies and articles have been published recently by community governmentsnonprofit community planning organizations, and business owners regarding the many benefits carefully planned mixed-use developments provide the communities they serve.

Benefits of mixed-use developments include:

       Preserve and enhances traditional downtown centers

       Promote a sense of community

       Create and protect public spaces for members of the community to gather

       Enhances pedestrian and bicycle travel

       Creates job opportunities for locals

       Make use compact and energy-efficient design wasting fewer resources

       Generate less vehicular traffic than other commercial alternatives

       Provide more revenue for community on a per acre basis than alternatives

       Enhance a community’s vitality



Historically, Huntsville was a lively community full of pioneers and industrious local businesses. The town was home to numerous markets from the late 1800s to the mid-1900s, including the Wood’s Meat Market, Sorenson Market, and Mckay's Grocery and Confectionary.  Huntsville had a doctor’s office, dentist office, telephone operating office, public hall, two schools, numerous bed and breakfast facilities, an automobile repair garage, as well as gas stations.

Mixed-use development has been implemented in Huntsville and many towns in the American West since the 1800s. 

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Village Square Concept

Village Square Concept


Preserving and enhancing the traditional downtown center 

Promoting a sense of community 

Promoting a sense of place 

Enhancing pedestrian and bicycle travel 

Creating part-time job opportunities 

Enhancing Huntsville's vitality